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ACT & SAT Preparation Scholarships Now Available for Aspiring Teens

Parliament Tutors rolls out campaign to sponsor free test preparation for students with high-potential and financial need.

New York, NY, March 16, 2011 – Parliament Tutors announced today that it will now be accepting applications for its Parliament Scholars Program, a nationwide campaign aimed at helping promising juniors and seniors with financial need reach their target scores for upcoming college entrance exams. The campaign was designed as a means of offering students from less affluent backgrounds the same advantages that their counterparts often attain from private test preparation.

Scholars are selected by a committee and are awarded up to sixteen one-on-one prep sessions over a period of four months. Each lesson is customized to meet the specific needs of that student. “We hold that giving to those in need is one way to establish justice in the world. This campaign, an extension of our existing giving programs, is a new way for us to help shrink the opportunity gap that hinders less advantaged students,” explains chief academic advisor Miriam Holt.

Interested students can apply for the program online at In addition to some basic information, the application includes two short-answer questions, an essay question, and a request for information on standardized test history.  Selected candidates will be asked to complete a diagnostic exam and prepare a list of questions before their first lessons, in order to make the most of their time with their tutors.  Scholars can expect to review each section of the exam comprehensively, learning both fundamental material and good testing strategies.  

Parliament Tutors offers private tutoring and test preparation for all academic subjects and standardized tests. Fueled by competitive pricing and positive feedback, Parliament Tutors has seen exponential growth over the past two years.  Parliament Tutors is committed to giving back to the community and hopes to reach every high school in North America. 

Parliament Tutors Launches 2 New Offices

Parliament Tutors recently launched two new offices: one in Boca Raton, Florida and, more recently, in San Diego, California.

Parliament's success in Los Angeles prompted the expansion. "We had the proper resources in place, our product had already been proven, it was just a matter of logistics until we were able to expand our reach," explains Lawrence Beer, Parliament Tutors' Los Angeles director.

The new Boca Raton branch was selected to be the second South Florida area to be served. "We are excited to bring the best in test prep and private tutoring to the the South," explains PT Miami Director Ari Smith.

Parliament now operates in over forty cities across twenty states.

Private Tutoring & Test Prep | SAT, ACT, LSAT, GMAT, GRE & more

Parliament Tutors will donate a percentage of its profits to sponsor free private tutoring sessions for students in need.

"This campaign is special because is provides those in need with the same advantages as those who can afford first-class tutoring services," explains Darlene Weiner, Parliament’s Cleveland regional director. “Students that can’t afford group courses, let alone private tutoring, are at a serious disadvantage when it comes to competitive standardized-testing. I am proud to be a part of this effort and to give back to the community and provide these needy students with the same state-of-the-art software and top-notch tutors available to the wealthy.”