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Vocabulary Tutors
Vocabulary Tutors
Vocabulary Overview
The possession of a strong and robust vocabulary is essential in both good compositional and conversational abilities, and can set students apart throughout their academic  and  professional  career.
With Parliament Vocabulary Tutors, students can make great strides in their vocabulary within relatively short amounts of time.
Vocabulary Tutoring Program prepares students with:
  • A solid understanding of the roots and origins of words; this includes a thorough introduction to Greek and Latin roots, prefixes, and suffixes.
  • Steady practice at the use and identification of new vocabulary. Depending on the needs of the student, Parliament Vocabulary Tutors will tailor the exercises to either standardized tests or to compositional and literary contexts.
  • Teaching students how they can continue to expand their vocabulary on a routine basis with small, yet sufficient, efforts.
Vocabulary Tutoring Enrollment & Contact Information
To learn more speak to an Academic Advisor, submit an Inquiry Form or use our registration forms to enroll online and meet a Vocabulary tutor today.
Vocabulary Tutors





Vocabulary Tutors
Vocabulary Tutors

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Vocabulary Tutors