09 Jul

Community Service Plays an Important Role in the College Application Process

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The school year isn’t the only time that you can spice up your college application. Summertime offers the perfect opportunity to volunteer at any organization of your choice. Community service is becoming increasingly more important when it comes to college admissions. Currently, community service is ranked as the fourth most important factor for college admission […]

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08 Jul

Teachers Are Spending More Out-of-Pocket Money On School Supplies

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Being a teacher is hard enough. With the budget for education declining, more and more teachers are spending their own money on school supplies for their classes. According to a new study released by the National School Supply and Equipment Association (NSSEA), public school teachers spent $3.2 billion on educational products during the 2012-2013 school […]

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05 Jul

Oregon Proposes Tuition-Free Education

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The Oregon Legislature approved a plan this week that could allow students to go to state universities for free. Students would pay the state back through a percentage of their future income after enjoying tuition-free education. It started less than a year ago at Portland State University in a class called “Student Debt: Economics, Policy […]

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