20 May

Long & Short-Term Benefits of Dual Enrollment

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Dual enrollment programs allow students who are enrolled in a secondary school to become involved in another academic program of higher learning. This is most commonly exercised by high school students who are simultaneously enrolled in courses at a community college or university. It may sound intimidating, but dual enrollment programs offer students way more […]

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09 Jul

Community Service Plays an Important Role in the College Application Process

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The school year isn’t the only time that you can spice up your college application. Summertime offers the perfect opportunity to volunteer at any organization of your choice. Community service is becoming increasingly more important when it comes to college admissions. Currently, community service is ranked as the fourth most important factor for college admission […]

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08 Jan

The History of the SAT

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The Scholastic Assessment Test, or the SAT, is one of those daunting tests when it comes to getting into college. Every school looks at SAT scores in order to determine if you are ready for college-level courses. coque samsung a5 But, why is it so important? How did the SAT and standardized tests come about? […]

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