An official SAT score report from The College Board
26 Jan

How Important Is Your SAT Score?

By David Greenberg   , No comments

You probably know already that if you earn a high score on the SAT, you will attract the attention of colleges and universities, inspiring them to mail you their glossy brochures in hopes that they can fill their incoming class with students like you. Yes, the SAT reasoning test is designed to indicate a student’s […]

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08 Jan

The History of the SAT

By Samantha Douchette   , , , No comments

The Scholastic Assessment Test, or the SAT, is one of those daunting tests when it comes to getting into college. Every school looks at SAT scores in order to determine if you are ready for college-level courses. coque samsung a5 But, why is it so important? How did the SAT and standardized tests come about? […]

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