Geting Into University of Arizona: Advice from Dean Kasey Urquidez

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A special thanks to Dean Kasey Urquidez for participating in our Admissions Spotlight Series. coque samsung a5 Dean Urquidez is the Dean of Admissions & Assistant Vice President for Student Affairs at the University of Arizona.

As the Assistant Vice President for Student Affairs and Dean of Admissions, what are your responsibilities?

In my role, I oversee the Office of Undergraduate Admissions, which include Recruitment, Admissions Processing and New Student Orientation, the Office of Scholarships and Financial Aid, the Registrar’s Office and our Student Affairs Systems Group.


What do you consider the most significant parts of an admission application, the parts which applicants should prepare the most carefully?

The admissions process can feel like a daunting task. Admissions Offices are looking to find all the good things about you! Applicants should take their time and be sure to answer ALL questions honestly and fully. coque samsung a50 Take time to complete the essay(s) and make sure you address the essay question asked.


Is there anything you frequently see on an application that you hope to never see again?

It is always hard to make decisions when not all the information is completed fully. I always want students to advantage themselves as much as possible by taking their time on the application and making sure all questions are answered.


What advice would you give to an applicant with below-average test scores but significant work experience?

Share! Most colleges and universities allow you a space to tell more about yourself. Don’t be modest! Tell us all you have been doing, how and why!


Do you frequently have to turn away applicants whom you wish you could admit? If so, what could those applicants do to be admitted?

It happens sometimes. Students should start to research colleges and universities early to understand the requirements. coque autres huawei If a student is not admitted, they should call the Admissions Office to find out how to attend as a transfer student or if that is a possibility. coque samsung a70 Student should realize they can possibly still get the experience, but it may take some time if they are not quite ready academically the first time.


How much faith do you have in the ability of the SAT or ACT to predict success in college?

Standardized tests have their place and can be used to help predict success, but test scores are not the only factor. coque samsung a6 Many schools use the test scores as just one predictor. coque iphone 5 High school GPA and rigor of curriculum are also very important factors in student success.


What do you look for in a recommendation letter?

Recommendation letters offer an extra perspective for colleges and universities to consider when reviewing an applicant. Not all colleges and universities want additional letters so make sure of the policy before sending. coque samsung a10 When I am reading a recommendation letter, I want to read specific examples about a student’s work experience or community service. Examples share details that help us learn more about an applicant.


What trends are you seeing admissions regarding students’ preparedness for learning at a college level?

Students who challenge themselves in high school and work hard to take a rigorous curriculum do best and are the most prepared for the college coursework. It is so important to stay in math all four year of high school.