Magnet Schools vs. Charter Schools

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Charter School Students Pledging Allegiance

Choosing what school to put your kids in can be a tough decision at best, terrifying at worst. coque iphone 4 The good news is that your kid’s education is no longer limited to just public and private school options; Nowadays, there are so many more options available. coque iphone 11 Given all the variations of public and private schools at hand, it’s only common for parents to struggle when making a decision that they hope to never regret. Parents often have the most difficulty understanding the differences between charter and magnet schools, both being favorable alternatives to the neighborhood public school. coque huawei First, one must make note that both these types of institutions are associated with pubic schooling, not private. coque iphone xr Although the curriculums they push on their students may hold a higher standard than some public schools, there is no tuition for attending and nothing private about them. Let’s begin by addressing some of the similarities both have in common:
  • No tuition, attendance is by choice of student
  • Highly selective and highly competitive curriculums for an augmented level of academic achievement
  • Specialized niche programs and educational philosophies for students to study, i.e. coque huawei nova legal, medical, performing arts, International Baccalaureate, etc.
  • Both belong to the public school system and are somewhat, if not fully, accountable to its regulations.
  • Prospective students selected from both inside and outside locally zoned boundaries, resulting in a much more diverse and desegregated student body
  • Exist on all levels of education: Elementary, middle and high school
  • Both funded by public taxes
  • Required to follow basic curricular requirements of state, i.e. coque samsung a10 must take all state mandated and standardized tests

Once you understand the similarities between the two, you’ll find it much easier to distinguish the main differences that make each institution unique to its own. Magnet Schools:

  • Governed by the same form of structure and board of directors as all other public schools, excluding charters
  • Must follow all rules and regulations of the state’s public school system, no room for discrepancies
  • Enrollment tailored towards goal of increasing diversity among student body population
  • All teachers must be state-certified to teach
  • Commonly use “lottery method” when selecting prospective students
  • Prospective students undergo rigorous tests and prerequisite requirements during application process
  • Often offer boarding for out-of-state students

Charter Schools:

  • Come into fruition when granted an independent charter, hence the name, by the state legislature or other regular public school authority. coque samsung a70 This charter is regularly reviewed and can be revoked
  • Independently governed by either a private educational service agency, such as AESA, a board of parents and community members, or both
  • All teachers must be highly qualified, but certification is not required.