Online Tutoring in Partnership with Zoom®

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Stay Safe. Stay Healthy.

We pray you, your family and friends are safe during this unprecedented pandemic. In accordance with CDC social-distancing guidelines, we strongly urge all lessons to go online immediately. The demand for online tutoring has skyrocketed during this tumultuous time, and we have streamlined our efforts to support a smooth transition for students taking their studies and lessons online by adopting Zoom.

Not business as usual.

While online tutoring requests have increased, Parliament Tutors is not immune to the economic downturn stressing companies and workers across many industries. Schools and testing centers are closed; deadlines and standardized exams have been postponed. Contracts and deadlines that inspire demand have been suspended. Ultimately, we’ve seen a drop is business.

Crisis Response and Online Tutoring

We are no stranger to emergency response education solutions. When Hurricane Sandy’s force shocked New Yorkers and closed schools for days and weeks, Parliament Tutors’ effective response was featured on Skype, NY Times, and Reuters. Seven years ago, Skype was the preferred videoconferencing tool for lessons. The landscape has changed and Zoom has established itself as the gold-standard in videoconferencing software for tutoring. We will persevere.

Thank You

I am proud to report that many of Parliament’s tutors, contractors and clients are the healthcare professionals, emergency responders, and other heroes on the front lines of this crisis. I speak for the entire Parliament Tutors family when I say that I am grateful for your contributions.


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