Stay Away From the Summer Brain Drain

By Samantha Douchette   , , , No comments

It’s hard to think about school in the middle of summer vacation. Who wants to worry about the stresses and problems of high school during the only time of the year that you’re not required to be there?

But then, the dreaded summer brain drain takes a hold of you, sucking everything you’ve learned in the past year from your memory and setting you weeks, even months, behind when school finally starts again in August.

According to the National Summer Learning Association, all adolescents experience a learning loss when they don’t actively participate in educational activities over the summer break. They say that at the end of the break, students typically score lower on the same tests given at the beginning of the vacation. 

However, there are some things that you can do in order to help your brain not turn to mush over summer.

Reading increases knowledge, develops vocal skills, improves writing skills and has many other benefits. It’s summer, so there is no mandatory reading list. Read whatever you find interesting. If you don’t like reading, find something you’re passionate about and read about that, even if it’s just articles online.

Technology has become an integrated part of our culture and life. There are numerous phone and tablet apps that will be able to keep your brain sharp. Words With Friends is a popular version of scrabble. Jeopardy, crossword puzzles, Sudoku, solitaire – The choices are infinite.

A great way to pass the time while making some extra money is by getting a summer job. It looks good to have some sort of experience, and you have a chance to develop your social skills. Having a job is not only a huge responsibility, but the experiences you draw from a job will allow you to learn life lessons.

Try something new. Go to a museum you’ve never been to or try learning a new language. You may find a new hobby or sport that you love. With anything you are first trying out, practice makes perfect. The summer provides you with enough time to practice as much as you want.