What is the Most Important Tip for the SAT Writing Section?

By David Greenberg   , No comments

Outline, outline, outline!

Many students downplay the importance of an outline and proceed to begin preparing an introductory paragraph with almost no strategy in mind. By coming to the exam predetermined to allot yourself 2-3 minutes to outline, you will save time, write a better essay and ultimately earn a higher score.

The students who skip the outline are typically those that are slow writers and feel that they must fight the clock in order to get all of their thoughts down before time expires. This unfortunate symptom can lead to a poor essay. The question now is: how can you prepare a quality outline in 2-3 minutes? Easy!

Introductory Paragraph

Every good outline should have a strong introduction and thesis statement. coque samsung a50 Your thesis statement should be stated as a fact and should guide your essay. Let’s dissect this blog post and identify the thesis. The sentence, “By coming to the exam predetermined…” is stated forcefully and takes a stand on a matter that will later be substantiated.

Background Information

Is there any relevant background information? In this example, I chose to include a sentence about the students who skip the essay portion.


The body is the “meat” in your sandwich, or essay. coque samsung a8 When outlining, list a couple of good examples or issues you want to discuss. coque huawei nova Jot down the item and a descriptive word. coque samsung a20 When it comes time to write, turn it into a sentence or two. Your body should be 2-3 paragraphs.


In your conclusion, simply summarize your thesis and wrap up your essay. coque autres galaxy samsung See below. An outline can keep a writer focused and confident. While delineating your thoughts, you can see more broadly than when writing full sentences.