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29 May

Getting Into Clemson University — Advice from Clemson’s Director of Undergraduate Admissions

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What do you consider the most significant parts of an application, the parts which applicants should prepare the most carefully? The most important part of a student’s application file is the high school record/transcript.  The preparation there begins at the beginning of the high school career.  As to the application form itself, it is important […]

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getting into ucla law
29 May

Getting into UCLA School of Law: Advice from Dean Robert Schwartz

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Thank you to Dean Robert Schwartz from UCLA School of Law for participating in our Admissions Spotlight Series.  Dean Schwartz is the acting Dean of Admissions and Financial Aid. Joseph Fernandez from Parliament Tutors conducted this interview. As the Senior Assistant Dean for Admissions, Financial Aid, and Career Planning, what are your day-to-day responsibilities? My […]

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28 May


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1. Visit A Museum Museums are filled with knowledge from all corners of the world and host fun activities for your kids to explore while learning. Most large cities have a handful of museums to choose from and tons of exhibits to indulge in. Most summer camps take field trips to museums but don’t usually give their […]

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24 May

Top Free Skype Apps for Students

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Skype has become the leading video and audio chat client for a variety of software platforms from Mac to Windows. What many users don’t know is that aside from being a great social media channel and having affordable calling rates, it also offers over 40 different applications to enhance your Skype experience. Many of these apps […]

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