21 May

Which SAT II Subject Tests Should You Take?

By Alex Silva   , , No comments

There are 20 SAT Subject Tests, also known as SAT II’s, available for students to take in five general subject areas. Most colleges will recommend or require prospective students to take one of the Subject Tests that correspond with their area or program of study. If the college, or colleges, you are applying to don’t […]

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20 May

Long & Short-Term Benefits of Dual Enrollment

By Alex Silva   , No comments

Dual enrollment programs allow students who are enrolled in a secondary school to become involved in another academic program of higher learning. This is most commonly exercised by high school students who are simultaneously enrolled in courses at a community college or university. It may sound intimidating, but dual enrollment programs offer students way more […]

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28 Mar

Applying to the Right Colleges [Continued]…

By David Greenberg   No comments

You’ve been accepted to college(s), congratulations! So now you begin to ponder, which school to submit your deposit to – and eventually attend.   Many considerations you will have when choosing which school to attend will be the same as those you kept in mind when deciding where to apply.  However the balance has shifted, […]

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