Top Free Skype Apps for Students

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Skype has become the leading video and audio chat client for a variety of software platforms from Mac to Windows. What many users don’t know is that aside from being a great social media channel and having affordable calling rates, it also offers over 40 different applications to enhance your Skype experience. Many of these apps serve as excellent tools for students and teachers alike, below is a list of the ones we’ve found to be the most beneficial.

1. coque huawei p20 IDroo

IDroo is an interactive multi-user whiteboard application that allows you to instantly share your drawing board with your contacts. This app is great for artists, designers and anyone who engages in a large amount of visual media sharing. It allows you to host collaborative meetings with your contacts and share with them your ideas, images, drawings and written content. It even allows you to save your whiteboard content as an IDroo folder or image file for future reference. coque iphone 11 IDroo is an innovative and productive way of hosting study sessions or group project meetings. Contacts must have IDroo to participate and receive shared content. IDroo is compatible with Windows software only.


Additional Features
  • Maneuver different conversations via tabs
  • Available math tools
  • Unlimited participants
  • Languages: English and Spanish
  • Works with Wacom Bamboo, Wacom Intuos and other digital tablets

2. Callnote Similar to SkyHistory, the Callnote app allows you to record, save, manage and share your Skype conversations. However, Callnote offers a few additional features. It allows you to record up eight conversations at once and auto forwards them all to Evernote for storage. Aside from saving your chat conversations, Callnote can also save and record audio, video, shared screens and snapshots. This app is extremely beneficial for tutors and students by allowing them to record their sessions and store them for future use. Callnote is available for both Mac and Windows users.

Callnote to Evernote

Additional Features
  • Auto record option to begin recording before or during call
  • Save content, name and duration of call
  • Compatible to save with Dropbox
  • Compatible to share on Facebook and YouTube
  • Instant snapshot option while recording
  • Languages: English, Spanish, German, Russian, French, Japanese

3. Clownfish for Skype Clownfish for Skype is a real-time online translator for all your incoming and outgoing Skype calls. coque samsung a50 With over 50 different languages available to translate, Clownfish is great for students or businesses that have a wide variety of international contacts. This user-friendly app uses various translation platforms (Google, Microsoft, Babylon, Systran, Prompt, and Yandex) to instantly translate your written messages to your recipient. coque samsung a50 This app is great for practicing your nonnative language skills and communicating with foreign students abroad. Clownfish for Skype is compatible with Windows, Mac and Linux softwares.

Clownfish for Skype

Additional Features
  • Built in spell check
  • Text-to-speech support
  • Predefined ASCII codes for data transfers (good for traders and stock brokers)
  • Built-in greeting wish templates
  • Option to encrypt data and messages
  • Voice call recording allows you to silently record your calls
  • Ability to broadcast mass messages and email notifications

4. is a Skype plug-in that detects phone numbers from emails, webpages, PDFs, documents and basically anywhere you can highlight and copy a number. It then converts the numbers to Skype phone call with just one click! Using is simple and fast. First, highlight a phone number and then right-click (or Ctrl+C/Command+C), the auto detect will then prompt you to call the number. coque samsung a7 Upon right-clicking, auto detect will also provide you with additional information about the company or outlet such as Facebook, Twitter, Google, Wikipedia pages, and more. can detect all forms of common number notifications such as spaces and special characters (dashes, parentheses). This app is great for keeping in touch with friends and family without having to leave your desktop or look for your cell phone. It’s also excellent for managing your online business and communicating with clients quickly and efficiently by saving time and eliminating margin of error. is compatible with both Windows and Mac softwares. 5. SkyHistory SkyHistory is a chat history application that allows you to save and manage your call logs and Skype chats, essentially rendering normal Skype history and other browsing techniques obsolete. It gives you the option to browse via user or calendar and search your saved history for keywords, names, dates, numbers and more. Regardless of contact or global settings, this app provides an efficient method of tracking your conversations and saving them for future reference or clarification. SkyHistory is ideal for any avid Skype user and is a great study tool that will make searching through your notes quick and easy. This app is only compatible with Windows.


Additional Features
  • Can bookmark IMs and mark important messages for future reference
  • Imports older, saved Skype conversations and existing data (using the Option menu)
  • Ability to assign contacts to log
  • Interactive custom layout design
  • Stores Skype date on external database on your system’s hard drive

6. SkyRemote SkyRemote is a flexible and easy multi-sharing desktop app that allows you to simultaneously share remote desktops with your contacts. Similar to a VPN (Virtual Private Network), SkyRemote can host meetings and conferences with your contacts while granting each party remote clipboard access for easy and secure desktop sharing. It may sound a bit half-baked but SkyRemote uses high quality configuration for optimum image and color quality combined with the fastest possible connection speed. coque autres huawei In addition, the app uses a Display Mirror VGA Compatible driver to enhance local and remote desktop performance that won’t replace your display driver.