The Waiting List Game

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Waiting to hear back from a college after applying is one of the most nerve-wracking feelings. coque iphone 5 Finding out you’ve neither been accepted nor rejected is an even more confusing feeling. More and more colleges are accepting fewer and fewer students who have been wait-listed. So, what is a wait-listed student to do? It’s important to understand that colleges use waiting lists as a safety net to make sure they have a full incoming class, and the numbers are generally against you. Decide which schools you are truly interested in before accepting the fate of wait-list purgatory. coque iphone 11 It’s not worth it to get stuck on a waiting list for a school that you’re not passionate about. Remember to quickly let the college know whether you are accepting or declining the wait-list offer. Once you’ve decided to stay on a waiting list, there are two things that you can do to boost your chances of getting in. Colleges tend to want to accept students off the waiting list who demonstrate enthusiasm about that particular school. coque samsung a6 Showing interest in the school will not only heighten your chances, but shows loyalty as well. Let them know if their school is your top choice, but don’t make promises you can’t keep. Make sure to not slack off in the final months of high school. coque iphone 6 Stay on top of your grades. coque samsung a20 Being wait-listed means being reevaluated, and sometimes, colleges will check your final grades before offering you the spot. coque iphone xs If you have been accepted into other schools, it’s time to reconsider those choices. Your next-best options aren’t bad or you wouldn’t have applied to them. Send your acceptance and deposit to one of the schools you did get into. You should never rely on a waiting list and knowing that you’ll be able to go to school somewhere will lift a huge weight off your shoulders. Being wait-listed is not the end of the world. You have your entire future to get into the school of your dreams, and you might just like where you end up in the meantime.