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American History Overview


American History Tutoring American History is the study of the political, social and cultural development of the United States of America, beginning with its European settlement and continuing up through the contemporary era.



Students should acquire not only a solid familiarity with the key events and figures of American History, but also a lasting and critical understanding of its larger patterns, causes, and structures.

Parliament American History Tutoring Program

Our program prepares students with:

  • The ability to critically examine both historical materials as well as the varying, and often competing, interpretations of American History.
  • A thorough knowledge of the leading figures and pivotal events of American History; including significant moments within its cultural and literary heritage.
  • A crucial understanding of wider economic and technical trends that have effected the course of American History, and often the greater world.
  • The key elements of writing a compelling and well-researched historical essay. This includes creating a clearly-defined thesis and supporting it with ample and persuasive historical evidence.


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