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Math Overview


Math Tutoring Mathematics is a pillar in every young student's education. Mathematics not only prepares the student for the sciences, but helps all students attain greater clarity and logic in their everyday thinking aswell. Moreover, with the increasing importance of information technology, mathematics is finding its way into nearly every creative discipline as well, from design to video and beyond.



Parliament Math Tutoring Program prepares students with:


  • A strong foundation in basic math skills such arithmetic and familiarity with basic geometrical concepts.
  • Helpful ways to clarify and visualize concepts for younger students. This includes concepts like fractions, irrational numbers, and coordinate geometry.
  • A great introduction to algebraic concepts, to aid the young student in their entry into higher mathematics.
  • Greater confidence in mathematical ability; a confidence that comes with a strong grasp of the fundamentals.
  • Hands-on practice to assure that the students can solve mathematical problems on their own and in test-taking contexts.


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