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Miller Analogies Test (MAT) Certain graduate programs will accept scores from the Miller Analogies Test, or MAT, in their application process. The GRE is the more widely accepted graduate and professional school entrance exam, but if you have an option, it is worthwhile to consider which test will be more to your advantage. Parliament’s Preparation and Tutoring Program can help you to determine which would be best for you to take, and then assist you with either or both. 

What is the Test Content?

The MAT consists of only a single type of multiple choice question, analogies.  The questions on the MAT present two words that are related in some way, along with a third word.  You choose the word that is related to the third word in the same way that the first two words are related.  An example would be “Mozart is to Music as Picasso is to…” (answer: painting).

The MAT is substantially shorter than the GRE, but it is a completely different kind of test. The questions cover a range of difficulties, and the analogies can be quite obscure.  For another, they tend to rely heavily on what might be called specific general knowledge whereas the GRE relies more on your ability to reason from given information

There are 120 MAT questions, and you are graded on your responses to 100 of them. 20 questions are included as experimental items being tested for future use on MAT test forms, but you will not know which items are experimental and which count toward your Score.

MAT Preparation and Tutoring Program

Parliament's MAT Preparation and Tutoring Program recognizes that many students can be intimidated by a formal testing process and be sensitive to pressures to do well. A Parliament tutor will give you the individual attention needed to feel comfortable and confident with the examination chosen, and to achieve the highest score possible. Our tutors will help you become familiar with the format and content of the chosen qualifying test and review the essential material on which it is based.

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