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Newport Beach Tutoring & Test Preparation | Parliament Tutors From grade school to graduate school, Parliament Tutors offers a diverse assortment of customized programs that are tailored to compliment your unique learning approach. We work with you in order to increase your grasp on concepts you may have found difficult and push the limits of the academic abilities, which you are already proficient in.

With the estimated median household income almost doubling the national average, Newport Beach is a center of wealthy and successful people. More than half of the residents have received a bachelor’s degree, and nearly a third boast a graduate education. It is no coincidence that education and financial success seem to be intertwined. Unfortunately, in the current economic climate, it is becoming increasingly hard to achieve this lifestyle. In an environment such as this competence is no longer enough. Students must exceed the basic requirements in order to assert themselves academically.

That is not the only difficult part, though. When this level is achieved hard work is needed to remain in this position. “Though I have always been a dedicated student, there are countless aids that I did not make the most of during my educational career in Newport. By working with Parliament Tutors I have become aware of the multitude of resources available for students at any stage of the learning. It is now my goal to bring these resources to light for Newport area students,” says Sean M.

More and more students are applying to college each year and this has increased academic competition at all levels. The foundation is laid in primary school and is built upon each year. With such fierce competition it is crucial that you take advantage of the many of resources available in order to reach your academic potential.

Parliament Tutors can provide you with a qualified individual to help you sift through the resources and provide personalize attention to increase your academic success. The relationship that is established between pupil and tutor serves the student in ways that books and Internet resources cannot compare to. This relationship accompanied with a tailored plan for achieving one’s personal goals is what leads to the high levels of achievement that our pupils attain.

Do you want to learn a new language? Ace an upcoming test? Or exceed national averages on a standardized test? Well if so, Parliament Tutors offers a whole host of services that can help you reach your personal academic goals. Do not hesitate to contact us with further questions or concerns. We look forward to working with you or your child.

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