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Sunnyvale Tutoring & Test Preparation | Parliament Tutors Living in the heart of Silicon Valley in sunny California, the people of Sunnyvale are accustomed to seeing highly educated professionals working in a wide variety of fields. Sunnyvale is host to such companies as Yahoo!, Juniper Networks, and AMD, all staples of a technology sector that is increasingly key to the global economy. The fortunes of Sunnyvale have risen and fallen with the fortunes of the tech sector, a field which requires a constant stream of new and highly educated workers. Many of the highest-paying and competitive jobs in and around Sunnyvale will be in jobs that demand a high level of education.

Sunnyvale is part of Santa Clara county, a county which has such fine schools as San Jose State University, Santa Clara University, and of course, Stanford. While America has many of the world’s finest schools, it also has many of the world’s finest students. The competition for seats in the best high schools and colleges is intense, and no academic resource or aid ought to be overlooked by students who need help.

Parliament tutors can help you or your student on the way to achieving the education necessary to stay ahead in these competitive and highly interconnected times. Every tutor is highly educated and qualified, and gives each student individualized attention designed to meet his or her specific needs. Whether it is help with high school math, a college entrance exam, or writing papers for an advanced course at a university, we can help. Everyone needs some assistance from time to time, particularly if such help is not forthcoming from the public school system. In a time of tight state budgets and public schools having to make hard choices, help from a private tutor can be a tremendous help.

The state of California has ranked low down in many educational rankings, despite having many excellent schools. In 2005-2006, the state ranked 49th in its teacher-pupil ratio, with 21 students per every public school teacher. The rewards of education have never been greater, as evidenced by the dozens of high-performing tech companies headquartered in and near Sunnyvale, but the challenges to overcome have rarely been so great.

Getting a tutor can be an important investment in you or your child’s future, far beyond his or her academic career. At Parliament Tutors, we can help that investment pay off, with higher grades, in-depth knowledge of the subjects, study skills, and test preparation strategies. Whatever academics or test prep you need help with, Parliament tutors is there!

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