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Ariel Maiorano

Ariel Maiorano

Ariel Maiorano

Ariel Maiorano

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About Me

I am someone who grew to love natural sciences with a lot of help from good teachers! The subjects I now tutor in are some that did not click for me right away, but that I went on to pursue in university and in my work in the Renewable Energy field. I am interested in how sciences matter in our every day life and I love seeing how each individual makes sense of these subjects in their own way.


I am a first-generation college student who received both an MS and a BA in Environmental Science and Policy from Clark University in Worcester, MA.

Teaching Experience

I am passionate about community-level health and social equity, which led me to work with young people and families in Greater Worcester from 2014-2017. Most of my work has been with workforce training and college preparation programs for first-generation college students. As part of my work for these programs I tutored across subjects to support each student holistically. My specializations as an educator include biology, chemistry, physics, environmental science, and general study skills


Outside of work I enjoy baking, painting, and exploring new places with my dog!

I love teaching and explaining science at every level!




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