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Brighton Tutoring & Test Preparation | Parliament Tutors Parliament Tutors offers a myriad of services across Brighton, Massachusetts and the rest of the Boston area. Parliament takes pride in offering tutoring at every level from kindergarten through graduate schools.

Parliament Tutors provides a customized and challenging curriculum designed to meet the needs of the individual student. Our tutors have not only achieved near perfect scores on the exams they teach, but also are experienced educators who take pride in their students’ achievements.

In generations past, there was a philosophy across many American communities that it takes “a village to educate a student.” That is, a community is just as responsible for educating students as is the schooling system itself. This mantra has largely been neglected over the past several decades as schools teach predominately to standardized state and nationwide tests, and do not pay as much attention to helping students succeed in the real world.

Brighton is largely an exception to this rule, as the community as a whole actively values and encourages the pursuit of knowledge. Featuring many of the best public schools in the nation, as well as top universities such as Harvard, Boston College and Boston University, it is no wonder that Brighton students tend to outperform their peers nationwide.

Years ago, students were expected only to pass courses, and because the economy was better would have jobs available to them merely being an adequate face in a crowd. Today, passing is not enough as teachers and students alike are now accountable to state and nationwide exams that require a proven knowledge of the course curriculum. Additionally, because the job market is now so competitive, merely being adequate is no longer sufficient. Students must truly excel in order to find gainful employment.

Tutoring enables a student to gain immediate and unique feedback at every step of the way. While a crowded classroom may suffer from a “you get it or you don’t” philosophy, tutoring is all about making sure that you get it no matter how long it takes. Because tutoring is completely geared around only the individual tutee, there really is no time being wasted as the student is in the driver seat of their education from start to finish

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