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Newton Tutoring & Test Preparation | Parliament Tutors Located within a stone’s throw of Boston, Newton sits near many of the best schools anywhere on Earth. Some of the colleges near Newton include world-class educational titans such as Harvard, MIT, Boston College, and Boston University. Newton has also been ranked as one of the best towns to live in America by Money magazine in 2012, and the city is also home to Newton North High School, a state of the art facility that cost almost $200 million to build, underscoring the importance of the education given to its students. A city of over 85,000 residents, Newton is at the epicenter of American education, and the citizens of Newton are fully aware of the importance of getting good grades, studying hard, and giving their students every educational edge they can get, knowing that an investment in education today pays off handsome dividends tomorrow.

Parliament tutors can help you or your student get that advantage. Every lesson given by our tutors is specifically designed for you or your student, focusing on areas that need improvement, explaining the subjects in full and clear detail, and imparting valuable study skills which will serve the student for his or her entire academic career. It comes as no surprise that the academic world has become more competitive lately. Massachusetts residents have long been accustomed to students coming from all over the country to compete for seats at the local colleges and universities, so competition is no surprise.

In today’s globalized economy, people now come from all over the world to study in Massachusetts. This has resulted in greater opportunities for many, but also greater challenges, even for life-long Massachusetts citizens. With seats in good schools now being contested by a global student body, it has become more important than ever for students to consistently rise to the academic challenges they face from an early age. Students who get ahead may need help staying ahead, and students who have fallen behind need all the help they can get. As Newton is itself home to six colleges, reminders of the importance of education are never far away.

As more and more students try to get into the finest prep-schools, colleges and graduate schools, competition is stiffer than ever. Although the town itself is not exceptionally large, because of the quality and name-recognition of schools like Harvard and MIT, getting into a top college in Cambridge can be one of the most difficult feats in the world. Students are expected to not only be adequate, but to outperform the vast majority of their peers.

No matter what your academic situation, Parliament tutors can help: Whether you are a parent seeking help for an elementary school student, are studying for a college entrance exam, seeing help with an advanced subject or AP test, or are in college and you need some help studying, our experienced and qualified tutors will be there for you.

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