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Ellicott City Tutoring & Test Preparation | Parliament Tutors Located between Baltimore and Washington, D.C., Ellicott City is privy to a wealth of academic resources. Naturally these opportunities and resources breed a competitive academic atmosphere among students. Sometimes the most difficult part of learning is sifting through the resources to find which one best suits your needs. At Parliament Tutors we match you with a tutor who will work with to capitalize on your strengths and help you to achieve you academic goals. From early education all the way to graduate school preparation, we offer personalized programs that are target your individual learning approach.

Almost 95% of Ellicott City community members possessing a high school diploma and 75% have completed a bachelor’s degree and/or graduate school. Schools in the area tailor programs to target high achieving students, with many International Baccalaureate programs in place at the primary, secondary and high school levels. There are also a number of highly ranked colleges and universities in the area, which serve as another mark of the emphasis placed on education in Ellicott City. It is this environment that allows Parliament Tutors to find the most competent and qualified individuals that will work with you to achieve your educational goals.

Our tutors are well aware of the challenges that students face today, and it is their goal to help you overcome these obstacles. “During my educational career I was frequently bored and disinterested in the subjects I was learning. It wasn’t until college that I began to truly enjoy my studies and this is because I had professors who made the material interesting. It is now my goal to help students by showing them the interesting aspects of seemingly dull material. I want to show the youth of Ellicott City how fascinating education can be, and by extension help to increase their academic edge in this highly competitive environment,” says the graduate of a Washington, D.C. university.

With tutoring techniques adapted to your personal learning style and one on one attention, Parliament Tutors strives to provide you with an edge in this academic district. We work with you in order to shape learning into a fun and fulfilling experience. Rather than teaching students to prepare for a state mandated test, it is our goal to make learning interesting and interactive because when you are excited about learning success is easily achieved.

Whether you are preparing for a standardized test, struggling with mathematical concepts, or learning a new language, Parliament Tutors can provide you with the services to improve your educational experience. We look forward to matching you with the tutor who will best aid you in your academic endeavors. If you have any questions about our services please do not hesitate to contact us.

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