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St Louis Tutoring & Test Preparation | Parliament Tutors Parliament Tutors offers tutoring throughout St. Louis in virtually every academic area from kindergarten through graduate school, and everything in between.

We not only supply you with the most highly-qualified tutors, but work with both you and your tutor to build the right lesson plan so that you truly maximize the value of each hour. It is no wonder why our students do better than those tutored elsewhere.

Responsible for more than seventy-five schools, the St. Louis public school system is among the larger school districts in the United States. The region also features a number of private religious schools, and the city is home to two major universities, the prestigious Washington University In St. Louis (WUSTL) and Saint Louis University. Despite featuring a top-25 university in Washington University, St. Louis as a city does tend to struggle when juxtaposed with their peers nationwide. The city’s 70% high school graduation rate is noticeably lower than the 80% national average, and fewer than 20% of city residents achieve a college degree or higher.

The National Center for Education Statistics reported that the average high school senior is currently taking over 27 course credits, a sizable jump from the 23 credits that the average high school senior took just twenty years. Their report also indicates that three times as many high school students are currently taking what colleges would perceive as rigorous courses than twenty years ago. Indeed, students are working more, and at a more advanced level than they used to be. However, it does not end in high school. The average GPA is up in most colleges, and there are more students completing graduate degrees than ever before. Competition has never been so high, and the bar continues to rise.

In a hyper-competitive academic world, it is imperative for students to seize every advantage they can, and truly reach their full potential. If you struggle with a particular subject or concept, and choose to ignore it, you place excess pressure on all other subjects. By working with the right tutor you can erase your weak points, and truly place yourself above the competition.

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