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Asheville Tutoring & Test Preparation | Parliament Tutors Parliament Tutors offers top private tutoring throughout Asheville, NC designed to meet the needs of any grade level. We supply you with a tutor who not only performed well on whatever test or class you are struggling with, but someone who achieved a near perfect score.

Moreover, our tutors are all experienced educators with thorough track records of vast student improvement. Once we place you the right tutor, we work to create the appropriate fully customized lesson plan designed to meet your individual learning needs, and help you live up to your maximum potential come test day.

Those fortunate enough to call Asheville home are likely already aware that the county features some of the best public schools in the country including Asheville High, which is considered one of the nation’s best high schools according to Newsweek, and is something of an architectural masterpiece. Asheville also features several charter schools including schools specializing in the environmental sciences, and technology. Asheville also features a branch of UNC, and several other colleges. Students who wish to remain a state, but still attend a top university have two very enviable options in Duke University, and the University of North Carolina. With such a wide array of options, it’s no wonder that Asheville holds its ground statistically with over 80% of residents earning a high school diploma, and greater than 30% earning a bachelor’s degree or more.

Students are expected to learn more at a quicker pace than ever before. Studies show that students take nearly 20% more classes than they did twenty-years ago, and that three times as many of these classes are considered complex for their grade level. Additionally, although the population of talented graduates has grown consistently, the class sizes of many colleges and grad schools remains similar meaning that the competition has never been stronger.

The right tutor, not so different from the right personal trainer, is the perfect supplement to any academic game plan. The right tutor will be able to keep you engaged in the material you are studying, provide advise from personal experience, help you become more efficient and quicker, and most importantly, aid you in understanding the difficult concepts you are struggling with. With the right tutor, your weak points will become strong ones, and you will be able to finally reach your true potential.

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