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Henderson Tutoring & Test Preparation | Parliament Tutors Parliament Tutors offers tutoring throughout Henderson, Nevada, and all of surrounding Clark County.

Parliament Tutors is proud to serve all of Clark County’s 29 elementary schools, 9 middle schools and 10 high schools. We are also proud to serve any Nevada State College and College of Southern Nevada students who need help with their course work or are hoping to get into grad school. Parliament Tutors provides expert tutoring in every subject, and standardized test across every grade level.

Over the past generation, Henderson has made tremendous strides academically thanks to a drastically improved school system. Henderson and the rest of Clarks County perform quite well academically, with just under 90% of residents earning a high school diploma, which is drastically above a national average of closer to 70%. However, collegiately only 23% of residents hold a bachelors while well under 10% ever earn a professional degree.

Henderson, NV students tend to do quite well in high school, and do not standout in any particular area. However, despite strong performances in both graduation rates, and standardized testing, they have a very low rate of students who matriculate into college. As a whole, Henderson residents can benefit from better college admissions consulting, and SAT and/or ACT preparation.

In a public school system as successful as Henderson’s, students are generally expected to be amongst the best of the best. Therefore, it is more important for Henderson students to stand out more than students from elsewhere in Nevada. Private tutoring is the most effective way to identify your weak points, and correct them through expert guidance, and one on one instruction.

It is accepted fact that doing better in school leads to higher self confidence, and better professional success. Furthermore, as a student succeeds in one class they tend to become more curious about other classes as well. Indeed, education like many other areas is a category where success in one specialized area tends to breed success in other areas as well.

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