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Dallas Tutoring & Test Preparation | Parliament Tutors Parliament Tutors offers tutoring throughout Dallas, including its vast 337 public schools, 89 private schools and 38 colleges.

As evidenced by its 337 public schools, Dallas has one of the largest school districts in the US, and most of the schools are all the responsibility of a single district: The Dallas Independent School District. It is profoundly impressive how successful the district is despite this difficult task. One public school, The School for The Talented and Gifted is just that, ranked as the very best public school in the US according to Newsweek. However, Dallas also has several other top schools such as Hillcrest, W. T. White, Williams Preparatory and Woodrow Wilson high schools, which are all routinely ranked as some of the best public schools in the country.

The city’s college landscape features SMU (Southern Methodist University), which is a tier one college on both an undergraduate and graduate level as well as The University of Texas: Dallas in addition to a top medical school in The University of Texas Southwestern Medical School. As a whole 70% of Dallas residents earn a high school diploma, and a shade below 30% earn a bachelors.

Despite an increasingly difficult TAKS exam, Dallas students are faring better than ever, particularly on the language arts section where a disproportionate amount of students are posting scores in the 99th percentile relative to the rest of the state. However, one small part of the section, the short answers section for whatever reason is causing Dallas students a great deal of stress as under half of them were deemed satisfactory in this section. In several schools, 100% of the class passes the complete section, but well under 50% pass the short answers portion. Students feel as though their schools are not properly preparing them for this portion of the test.

A tutor structures an entire session only around the part of the curriculum where you need assistance, and then works directly with you to build a customized curriculum, homework schedule and teach you individualized techniques designed to help you maximize your scores.

Doing better in school leads to increased self-esteem, a greater wealth of knowledge and makes students substantially more likely to pursue higher education, which is directly correlated with higher employment prospects and starting salaries.

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