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About Me

My name is Sandra Erue, i use a hand-on technique, i am able to adapt my style to the needs of the student and also, approachable to my students. I plan my lessons to be though-provoking and fun at the same timebecause i want students to be fully involved, listening and interacting with me and each other regarding the material presented. I am patient to work with even the most challenging students and quick to identify and maximizing the strenghth of each student and learning their weaknessess so that i can better help each individual exacel to their potential. I believe that students must be held responsible and accountable for their actions and rules/consequences for acceptable and non-acceptable behavior should be clearly established from first day of class/tutor meeting. I usually have many creative and educational activities planned that would sometimes be too much for one class session. Although i know it will be benificial to students, l have learned to prioritize my lessons to include only materials most useful for students within the class scheduled time frame. In my experience as a teaching assisstant, i have found that by dealing with people in a rational and logical manner helps to defuse the tension in any situation. Also, i think it is really important to always respect other people's point of views regardless of what or who is involved.


Texas Southern University, current student in Environmental and Indiciplinary Sciences, major in Environmental Toxicology.

Teaching Experience

Teaching Assisstant in Organic Chemistry at Texas Southern University from 2017 till date.


Cooking, Voluntering in community service, Traveling for adventure.

I love teaching and explaining science at every level!




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