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The Woodlands Tutoring & Test Preparation | Parliament Tutors The human race has always geared itself towards the development and maintenance of excellence. The searches for betterment and expansion have led our species to not only excel individually, but to also rise above expectations as a community. The belief that a strategically advantageous setting can aid in creating better humans was the idea that guided The Woodlands creator George P. Mitchell. His vision was one similar to the “City Upon A Hill” concept that led the very foundation of our country towards the glory it carries today, and in 1974 he carried out the establishment of this visionary community.

As The Woodlands grew in size and notoriety during the following decades, its founder’s vision would not only become a reality but would gain momentum as one of the fastest developing areas. Demonstrating the quality of the community and the strength of the individuals it produced, The Woodlands began attracting the headquarters of a variety of successful companies such as Lexicon Pharmaceuticals and Hewitt Associates. Not only did the economy reinforce the already undeniable stardom of the area; but also it began to show itself in the blossoming of architectural beauty. This architectural and innovative beauty is demonstrated in the scenic San Antonio River Walk with its Waterway Cruisers making their way quite reminiscent of a mini-Venetian experience, which is enriched by the ornate structures of the Town Center. Perhaps for those more culturally inclined you can always find a good show at the Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion or for a casual weekend take a stroll through a grand The Woodlands Mall.

Not to be outdone in any sphere, an excellent array of schools including The Woodlands Preparatory School, provide the community with the tools to continue expanding the creative and intellectual pool of the area. The Woodlands has this and much more to offer to the world and to its residents, but it might not be enough to live up to its vision of excellence.

In order to aid in reaching the outstanding standard that has been promulgated by decades of increasing success in the community, Parliament Tutors has joined the community. Much like The Woodlands and its wonders, Parliament Tutors provides a nationally successful repertoire of resources that will assist students in a variety of grade levels and tailor it to their specific needs. We also practice a vision of excellence, a mirror image of that dream which created The Woodlands and cannot wait to hear from you.

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